"I’m not sure - Part I"

“I’m not sure - Part I”

I’ve been friends with Eleanor since I came to London about a year ago. We go to the same college and we became inseparable. She told me about her boyfriend Louis and how hard it was to be away from him. I had to admit that I was a big fan of One Direction and she thought that was cute. I was far from my boyfriend too, I left him behind when I moved. I really care for him but I was never the kind of girl that falls in love. After a few weeks she introduced me to Danielle and Perrie and we became friends too. I was in London for two months now and we have our disagreements but we take care of each other when times are rough.

“(Y/N), come here.” Eleanor yelled.

“What’s wrong?” I asked worried.

“Louis is coming home tomorrow. Their last concert is tonight.” She said.

“I’m so happy for you.” I said and hugged her.

The next day she went to my house and told me to go with her. 

“Where are we?” I asked.

“Louis flat. I didn’t forgot that you adore them.” She answered me.

My heart was beating faster and faster at each step.

“Hiii.” Louis yelled.

I hugged Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn. Then I was standing in front of Harry and I hugged him too. But it was different. I felt so protected.

“Hi beautiful.” He said.

“Hi Harry.” I replied.

And since that day I became really close to all of them. But me and Harry were different just like our first hug. We became best friends. We did everything together. Well, almost everything. 

4 months later

“Guys, I want to rent a house in the lake for a few days.” Niall said.

“That sounds great.” Danielle replied.

After a few days we went to the house. We went to the lake and we had a wonderful afternoon. We got inside and a few hours later everyone was kind of drunk. We were laughing and talking when suddenly…

“(Y/N), do you remember when you had a crush on Harry?” She said laughing.

“What?” Liam asked.

“Are you serious?” Zayn added.

“El…” I said.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to say that.” She said.

I went to my room and got into my bed. After a while they all went to their rooms. I couldn’t sleep and then I heard steps.

“Eleanor, it’s fine. You don’t need to apologize.” I said.

Those steps were getting closer and I felt a body standing next to me. I turned around and I saw Harry.

“I wanted to see if you need something.” He said.

“No, I don’t. I’m so embarrassed, just go away, please.” I told.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. I had a crush on you too.”

“Oh God.” I replied.

“I still do.” He said.

“What are you talki…” And then I felt his lips crashing into mine.

“Harry I can’t do this. My boyfriend…” I said.

“Forget about him. What we have is so much stronger than that.” He replied.

He was right and that scared me a lot. I wasn’t ready to fall in love with someone. 

He kissed me again but this time I pulled him closer. He was on top of me and I started to unbutton his shirt. I started to run my fingers over his abs and I felt that his breathing became harsher. I pushed him off of me and straddled him. His hands moved to my waist as our kiss became deeper. I was in control. His jeans are finally off and I saw how big he is even with his boxers on. He then hungrily tore my shirt off of me and unhooked my bra.

“You are more beautiful than I imagined you would be.” He said.

“Make love to me, Harry.” I said.

He smiled and suddenly he was laying on top of me. All of our clothes were now on the floor.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“I’m not. But I need you.” I answered.

He pushes himself into me making me groan.

“Fuck (Y/N), so tight around me.” He moans and pushes himself all the way inside of me. 

He starts thrusting in and out of me at a slow pace.

“Am I hurting you?” He asked.

“Just keep going Harry.” I moaned.

“We need to be quiet.” He said. 

He moves on top of me, making the bed shake. He takes my hips in his hands and starts thrusting in a fast pace. But It wasn’t just sex, it was making love.

“Harry, this feel so good.” I moaned.

“I won’t last much longer.” He moans and rests his head in the crook of my neck.

He digs his nails into my hips. I buck my hips up, meeting his thrusts.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum.” I almost yelled.

“Let it go baby.” He said.

“Fuck Harry.” I  feel my release going through my whole body.

I clench my walls around him.

“(Y/N), I’m gonna c-cum,” he breathed out.

Then he releases into me. “Oh, shit (Y/N). He groans.

We both gasp for air and he rolls of me.

“That was incredible.” I said.

“So, are you sure now?” He asked.

I just stared at him with a sad look.

“Oh God, you are not… It’s because of him, isn’t it?” He said.

“Harry, please wait.” I begged. 

“I don’t want to hear anything.” He said.

What he didn’t knew is that I was deeply in love with him and that was the only reason why I wasn’t so sure. That feeling was so strong that I got scared. 


Football is such a good thing! — Louis Tomlinsin

A/N: Sorry, but right now I don’t have enough time to write anything because of Christmas and New year and so on. So I decided to do a long one shot with a little bit of ‘everything’! There’s a blowjob part, a finger-fucking part, a part with recording a sex tape and a part with sex toys.. There is not the real sex in it but you’ll know the reason soon:-) //—-

It was a nice and warm day for a december day in london. My boyfriend Louis was outside playing football with harry. While they played and goofed around I cooked for the three of us dinner. “(Y/N), just come outside and play soccer with us!” He smiled at me with sweat on his forehead. I looked outside of the window and saw Harry with the ball in his arms waiting for Louis. “Mhm no, I can’t play very well.” “Oh come on, babygirl!” He whined coming closer to me and trying to hug me. “Oh no, Louis! Don’t touch me, you’re sweating like a olympic celebrity!” He just sighed lightly and went outside again. So I continued to cook spaghetti.

"BOYS? DINNER’S READY!!" They let go of the ball and ran inside to the kitchen and sitting down on the table. I set everything down and soon we started to eat. Suddenly Harry’s phone buzzed. "Shit! I have to go after dinner. My mum’s ill and I have to take care of her!" Louis nodded amd continued to shoved spaghetti into his mouth. We all finished and said our goodbyes to Harry and with that he left.

"Babe? Harry’s gone. Do you now play soccer with me?" I really hated playing something with balls, i only love playing with his balls;)! He pouted his botton lip and he knew exactly I would give in and so I did. I nodded "YEY! Let’s go, babygirl!"

I followed him outside while he gave me the ball. I have to say thT I’ve played it the last time about 3/4 years ago. I sat it down in the green and a little bit wet grass. I focused on the ball and kicked it hard. It literally flew to Louis’ direction but a little bit to low. Before we both knew it the ball hit him in the balls! His hands flew to his crotch and he went down to his knees while holding back a loud scream. Instead he half whispered and half moaned in pain “Fucking shit.” I ran over to him. “Oh god. Louis sorry sorry sorry!” I went down on my knees as well and hugged him because, really what should I do? “Louis, I’m so sorry, seriously!” “It’s alright, babygirl! It just hurts… A lot!” He closed his eyes shut and whinced in pain. I replaced his hands with mine lightly massaged his sensetive area. He sucked in air between clenched teeth. We slowly got up “Let’s grab some ice, shall we?” I laughed at him. Louis hold his crotch and my arm for support and stumbled moaning in pain to the living room on the couch.

I made my way to the kitchen and grabbed a big bag and filled the ice in the bag. When I was about to walk back into the living room a thought came into my mind. I know a way to let him feel better than this fucking ice. I walked back in front of him and ripped the bag into a half right in front of his eyes. “(Y/N)! WHAT THE FUCK!? I need this ice!” - “No, you don’t!” I immediately got down on my knees in front of him feeling the ice melt underneath me. “I know a better way to make you feel well soon!” I winked at him while I unbuckelt his belt. “Shit, this is not the right time for sucking me of! My balls hurts like a fucking hell and you think of sucking my dick!” He shouted angrily. I unbuttoned his pants and when I unzipped the zipper I could feel him harden underneath my touch. I crawled up to his ear and whispered seductively “Then tell me, baby, why are that hard when you don’t want it?” I nibbled on his ear and down his neck, sucking and leaving my ‘signature’. “Because… remember outside? For a second or two you massaged it!” Shit, he was right..! Pff, I don’t care.

I massaged his sensetive area carefully “Please babe, I want to make you feel good and forgett aboit the pain in your hard and huge cock!” He moaned loudly so I took it as a yes. He bucked his hips upwards to let me take of his pants amd boxer in one motion. His swollen dick slapped against his abdomen. “Fuck Louis! Your dick is 10 times bigger swollen like this. Please I want you inside of me!!” I moaned at the sight of his huge cock while I got wetter by the second!

"NO! First you suck me off like there’s no tomorrow and if you’ll be a good girl I’ll fuck you… senseless!" My hands grabbed his thick shaft and slowly pumped up and down while sucking on the red swollen tip. I sucked that hard I literally sucked the cum out of him. With that he moaned loudly and I got wetter by every fucking second. I let go of his dick only to take of my shirt. I immediately started sucking him off again while I unclasped my bra letting my titts bounce with everytime my head went up and down.

At the sight of my titts he only groaned my name louder so I let my right hand sneak into my panties. I slowly circled figure-eights on my clit with my thumb while I carresed my folds with the other fingers. I moaned as well on his dick while he screamed now “(Y/N)!! FUCK! OH YES KEEP GOING! MOAN ON MY DICK. OH YEAH THAT FEELS FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!” I moaned even louder sending the virbations down on his dick. He moaned one last time and released his hot cum down my throat. He laid on the couch panting while I laid down on the floor still pumping my fingers in and out of me while I shoved my other hand in my panties to massage my clit forcefully.

I moaned loudly “OH LOUIS!! THAT FEELS AMAZIN. SHIT YES!” I hear him moan again so I opened my eyes to see him on the couch wanking at the sight of me. “(Y/N) keep going. You look so sexy! Like real-life-porn, YES!” He moaned. Seconds later I felt the knowing knot in the pit of my stomach. Soon I released my sweet juices on my fingers. I wanted to bring them to my mouth to clean them up a bit but I felt a strong arm on my wrist. He brought my hand fast to his mouth and sucked my fingers clean. “So sweet! I want more!” With that Louis shoved down my pants along with my panties and licked me clean between my legs. At the sensation of his warm and wet tongue along with his moans I came a second time “Naughty girl! Cumming while I lick you clean! You have to be punished. With that he carresed my naked body to our bedroom and threw me on the sheets. “So babe, since you’ve made my crotch hurts and suck me of like that, I can’t fuck you a second time. But you need to be punished! Give me your vibrator!” He was about to tease me I could tell. But I walked over to the dresser only to find a pink vibrator hidden behind my sweaters. I handed it to him and laid down on the soft bed again. He smirked and stroked my hair while saying “Good girl, now open your legs as wide as you can!” As I was told, I opened them as wide as I could. He placed the vibrator at the end of the bed and fastly left the room only to come back seconda later with his Iphone in his hand. I laid there still with open legs when I heard the sound of the camera. “Look sexy baby!” He winked at me and I smirked seductively in the camera while I bite on my pointer finger.

I heared the sound of the video camera while he grabbed the vibrator in one hand and his phone in the other one. “So, I’m going to punish this little naughty slut because she hit me in the balls and came a second time while I licked her clean!” He smirked and send me a wink. I just moaned out “Louis, do something!” He laughed an turned on the vibrator. He laid it down on my clit and at that point I couldn’t control my moans. When my eyes were open they followed the camera, only to tease him when he’s watching that. “Do you want me to shove this vibrator into your tight little pussy?” - “YES LOUIS!” “beg for it, babygirl!” I groaned out in frustration “Shit, Louis! My pussy is so fucking wet for you! I want you to shove this thing into me! I want you to make me scream untill my throat is fucking sore! If you don’t do something in the next five seconds, I’ll finger myself ag-!” And with that he shoved the entire length into my throbbing core. “Yes, Louis!!!” I screamed out in pleasure. “Do you like this little thing more than my huge cock? Do you want this shit instead of a real man’s penis?” - “No, baby. B-but I’m such a fr-frustated mess I just need it, fucking shit!!” And with that I came on the vibrator.

"Oh baby, your cum is all over the vibrator!" with that he handed it to me still with his iphone in his hand. I looked seductively into the camera and sucked the vibrator clean. He stroked my hair again "You’re a good girl!" With that he turned of his camera so I could collapse on the bed and fall asleep immediately.

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Fucking Tease! — Zayn Malik

Last night Zayn teased me like there’s no tomorrow! Let me tell you: we went to a club and I wanted to get Zayn jealous with Harry. Then he got angry and we went home. After this he teased me for hours and didn’t let me cum!

I’m awake early staring at my sometimes dumb boyfriend. I wanted revenge and I wanted it now. So I remembered te last birthday gift the boys gave me. A box full of sex toys. Vibrators, handcuffs and so on. They had to go on tour for five months so they thought it would be better when they got me this present. I got up and walked over to our dresser. I found the big red box and walked over to the Zayn’s side of the bed. I opened it an the first thing I saw were handcuffs so I cuffed his arms and feet to the bed posts.

When I was ready I smiled to myself and whispered “Payback is a bitch, bad boy.” I slid down his boxers to his ankles and there it was. His half-errect cock. I licked my lips and kissed the red an swollen tip. He shivered while I took him slowly into my mouth. He groaned sleepily when my tongue swirls around his tip. This only hardens him more and more by the second. He wanted to move his arms but since he had the handcuffs on, it was a little bit hard to move. He moaned again and his eyes immediately shot open. I licked his undershaft from his balls to his tip with eye contact the entire time. “FUCKING SHIT (Y/N)!! Keep going, baby!” He moaned and I felt him twitch so I stopped without hesitation. “You like it when you wake up like this? You like it hand-cuffed to the bed posts and me sucking you off?” I asked with a smirk and a wink. “Baby, please uncuff me and let me fuck the shit out of you!” At the thought I got wetter. He moaned and bucked his hips. I massaged his thighs and then I walked over to the big red box and bent over so he got a good view of my ass. I got out an big electric pink vibrator and his eyes widen when he knew I would tease him like he did it last night to me. I laid down on my side of the bed, my head next to his feet so he had again a good view but this time of my wet pussy.

I slid my panties down my legs and made sure he saw everything. I kcked them off next to his face. While he smelled amd licked my panties clean of my wetness I turned the vibrator on and it swirls around in my tiny hands. “Baby please, I’m better than this fuckig vibrator. Don’t tease me anymore. I know I was an asshole last night but please let me touch you. Let me fuck or let me taste you. I want you so bad.” He knew exactly I couldn’t resist him begging for my taste. But this time I was strong. I smirked one last time and teased my clit with the big vibrator. “OH ZAYN! That feels so good!!” I moaned while he whimpered lightly. My wetness dripping down my thighs and on the bed I shoved the vibrator into my tight pussy. “OH GOD YES. FUCKING SHIT ZAYN!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. He tried to close his eyes but with my other hand I grabbed his chin. “Look at me when I cum, babyboy!” I moaned again. My hips bucked up while I pumped the electric sex toy in and out of me. With my other hand I massaged my clit roughly. “Fucking shit (Y/N). Please let me at least taste you! I gave in and pulled the vibrator out of me while I sat down on his face grabbing the headboard for some support. I rode on his face and screamed again at the top of my lungs when I came all over his face. I gave him time to lick me clean. “Please babygirl. Touch me! I’ve learned my lesson to never tease you again. But please do something.” I looked down on his rock hard cock standing proudly in the air. I climbed around so we were at position 69. He licked again my folds while my hips bucked again i the direction of his face. I licked again the tip of his dick. He moaned against my again wet and glistening core sending shivers down my spine. I took all of him into my mouth while I played with his balls and squeezed them tightly.

Minutes later I came again in his mouth and seconds after this he came in my mouth as well. “SHIT BABYGIRL!” This time he screamed at the top of his lungs. I collapsed still in the same position in top of him. “Ready for another round?” I asked him a little bit tired. He moaned the words out “Shit baby, you are still horny” I shoke my head yes. Zayn answered “(Y/N) you naughty girl. But please I want to touch you. Please uncuff me.” This time I gave in and took the key from the bedside table to uncuff him. He flipped us immediately over and thrusted his entire length into me. I screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He was still so huge and I was still so tight. His hands slipped under my bra and massaged them roughly. “You’re bra is as tight as your fucking pussy!” With that he tore of my bra while he thrusted into me harder and deeper. “I’ll buy you a knew one, okay baby!” I just nodded from all the pleasure. “Zayn!! I’M CLO-” With that I came on his dick, hard. It was dripping down in our thighs on the bed again. “OH YEAH! SO FUCKING TIGHT.” He thrusted a few times more into me as hard as possible and with that he rode out both of our orgasms.

He collapsed next to me, panting like hell. “I promise. I’ll never tease you again like this, okay love?” I answered out of breath “Okay! But I’m hungry let’s get breakfast.” I climbed out of bed and threw a black shirt of Zayn over my head. Since it was long to my knees I decided to don’t wear shorts or something like this. We went down the stairs and we both froze when we saw the boys on the sofa. All of them with that fucking hug smirk on their lips. “Since w-when are y-you all here?” Zayn stuttered out. Harry screamed with a girly voice “LOOK AT ME WHEN I CUM BABY BOY! OH SHIT ZAYN YOU”,’RE SO FUCKING HUHE. OH YEAH!” Louis followed with a deep voice “Shit baby don’t tease me. Oh yes. You’re bra is as tight as your pussy. Oh (Y/N) don’t fucking stop!” All of them laughed when Louis laid on top of Harry, ‘fucking’ him while they still mocking me and Zayn. Finally Zayn ran over to them hitting them playfully and laughing like crazy. “Shut the hell up!” Harry mocked me again with a girly voice “Zayn look there is Niall. Niall do you want to join us? I want your irish cock in my mouth, yeah! Are you ready for the next round baby? You’ve been a bad boy!” All of us started to laugh again at Harrys comment. “Let’s just eat, you fuckers.”

Movie night! —Niall Horan, Harry Styles

REQUEST!: Hi there can u please do an story with all the boys and there girl friend and then we were watching a scary movie (one of the latest please) and niall is my bf and Harry has a little crush on me but the point is that when we were watching the movie niall got up and went to the kitchen to get us some beers then Harry can over and touch me down there and start rubbing it and when niall get back he got so angry that we went home and well the rest I’ll leave it to you but can u make it rough thenk y

Finally Friday! Today was the last day of school for this year and today was a movie night with the boys of One Direction. I was Niall’s best friend since primary school. Then he applied for the X Factor and we lost conact for about two years. But suddenly he stood infront of my door. Then I met the others of his great band and now I’m like a little sister for them. I headed out of the door and literally ran to Niall’s house because I haven’t seen them for 2 months because of their america tour.

I knocked on his door and he immediately opened it and greeted me with a big hug. “(Y/N)!!!” all the others cheered. I hugged all of them but Harry hugged me akwardly long. I knew he had a little crush on him but he knew I just loved him as a brother. We went to the living room and I sat down between Niall and Harry. “So (Y/N), what shall we watch?” Nialls thick irish accent was so cute. “Let’s watch a horror movie!” He got up and walked over to his dvd shelf. “What about… A nightmare on Elmstreet?” Everybody nodded or said yes.

Halfway trough the movie Niall got up. “Everyone want a beer or more popcorn?” Zayn and Liam raised their arms “a beer please.” Niall nodded and walked in the kitchen. Suddenly I could feel Harrys hands on my thigh. Thanks gd there was a blanket! I grabbed his hand and placed it back into his lap. Seconds later his hand was again on my thigh but this time extremely near to my pussy. When he rubbed up and down my thigh I could feel myself getting wet. He looked at me with a smirk on his face while I rested my head on his shoulder and moaned, only for him to hear. I grabbed his hand again and shoved it into my panties. His smirk got wider and he rubbed my clit while shoving to fingers inside of me. They curled perfectly up to my g-spot. I moaned quitely in his ear and I could see his bulge in his sweatpants. Jesus, he was huge…

When I want to shove my hand into his pants, I heard a loud noise from Nialls direction. He dropped everything. The bottles and the bowl of popcorn. Harry removed his hand from my core causing me to whimper. “JESUS NIALL! you scared me to death right now!” Liam panted. Niall looked angry at Harry and he was about to beat the shit out of him.

Niall’s P.O.V.
I COULDN’T FUCKING BELIEVE IT! WAS HARRY FINGERING (Y/N) UNDER THIS BLANKET?? Ok, keep calm, Nialler! The first thing I wanted to do was beat him out of this house. But he is still my band mate and I have to work with him and a fight was the laat thing I could need right now. So I just said “Get the fuck out! All of you!” They looked confused at me but I didn’t care. I walked over to the door and held it open for them. First they looked confused at each other but then they all got up and went.

When (Y/N) was about to leave I closed the door. “No! You’ll stay!” Her (Y/E/C) eyes looked into my blue ones. “Niall, what’s wrong?” “I saw it! I saw everything Harry has done to you!” out of nowhere i shoved her against the wall. She gasped in shock but it turned into pleasure when i grinded my now hard crotch into her. “Baby, you don’t know how much I wanted to be Harry right now! You’re so fucking wet, shit!” I crashed my lips down to hers and shoved her one more time against the wall. She moaned into my mouth while i held up her leg to my hip. A signal for her to jump. She wrapped her tiny legs around my waist and I carried her to my huge bathroom never breaking our kiss and our tongue-fight.

(Y/N) P.O.V.
I was confused. What should we do in the bathroom!?? “Dirty girls like you have to be clean!” he winked at me and I kissed him again. This is a little bit weird because Niall is my best friend! He tore both of our clothes of, opened the shower doors and stepped in. He shoved me again against the wall. The cold wall send shivers down my spine. His hand found my pussy and he caressed my folds and spreading my lips to feel my wetness. “Shit! Babygirl, who made you this wet?” - “Louis made me this wet.” I rolled my eyes “Jesus Christ you know you made me this wet. He smirked and kissed me this time with lust and hunger. He shoved 3 of his long fingers into me while I started to stroke his length. Both of us pulled away from our kiss and started moaning the names of each other.

"Baby, stop it!" His hand left my dripping pussy and my hand left his hard cock. "I just want to get inside you. I just want to fuck you. Fuck this foreplay!!" he grabbed me by the ass and i jumped again. He turned off the water and carried me over to his bedroom. He laid me down and I could feel the sheets got wet because of our soaking bodys. He climbed on top of me and immediately shoved his length into me. "Niall!!! You’re fucking huge!" I nearly screamed. "No, you’re just to tight." He growled into my ear and began to kiss down my neck. I just moaned in response. He pounded into my like there’s no tomorrow and I could feel the knot in my stomach.

Before I knew it Niall flipped us over. “Ride me, babygirl.” i sat completely down om him and rolled my hips. “FUCK (Y/N)! FUCKING SHIT OH YEAH!” I started to bounce up and down my titts bouncing as well. His left hand flew to my hip and his right hand grabbed my breast and started to massage it. I started to draw circles on my swollen clit to bring me faster to the edge. “NIALL! I’M ABOUT TO CUM!!” He groaned in response and seconds later he shot his hot liquid into me. I came all over his dick seconds later. I rode out our orgasm and collpsed on his chest. “(Y/N) you know… I really meant what I said 20 minutes ago. I really like you and I just wanted to say it. I loved you since I’ve ever met you. I don’t know how to explain this but…” I shut him up by crashing my lips to his. “Niall I love you too!” I smiled at him, pulling his dick out of me and laying beside him. “Do you want to go out with me and please be mine?” I kissed him again, said a sleepy yes and fell asleep on his chest.

HATE HAYLOR?? read this:

Haylor is fake! Responsible is Taylor’s and One Direction's management. They want to get Taylor in the UK and One Direction in America more famous! Anf for everyone who’s saying they are cute together: Do you have eyes in your head? Harry is totally annoyed of her and he said Taylor IS NOT attractiv!
And by the way: He likes curvy girls and not such a line!

HATE HAYLOR?? read this:

Haylor is fake! Responsible is Taylor’s and One Direction's management. They want to get Taylor in the UK and One Direction in America more famous! Anf for everyone who’s saying they are cute together: Do you have eyes in your head? Harry is totally annoyed of her and he said Taylor IS NOT attractiv!

And by the way: He likes curvy girls and not such a line!

How I Think One Direction Fucks (just cause I really like to torture myself and others)



So I caved and decided to torture myself and put this all together.  So here it goes.  How I imagine One Direction is in bed (like how I put that nicely?) I also wanted to throw some cute boyfriend feels in there to crush my soul. Anyway I guess I’ll give warning that there is some sexual content if you couldn’t figure that out already. So don’t look if you don’t wanna see anything. Anyway here it goes

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This is the greatest post I’ve ever seen but,

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could be………

Let’s get something to eat! — Harry Styles

The smell of spaghetti in the pot infront of me gets into my nose. I was making dinner for my boyfriend Harry of 1 and a half year. That time I won a 2 tickets and 2 backstage passes for a one cirection concert and to meet them. I wasnt really a big directioner. I thought they only were hot and the music was just ok. So me and my best friend went there and after the concert we met them in a room. Immediately after I looked in Harrys eyes I felt a feeling, I’ve never felt before. He asked for my number and soon we met for our first date. Time went by and now I’m standing here in front of the stove making dinner for him. And horny! Because he was busy in the last month so we hadn’t had sex since this time. I was a frustrated mess. Of course I’ve touched myself when he wasn’t at home but it’s nothing compared to Harry’s dick or his long and thick fingers.

I felt my phone vibrate in the pocket of my comfortable pants for home. “Be home in 10 mins ;) Be ready, I’m hungry baby xx” I brought my attention back to the spaghetti and sat everything on the big dinnig table. When I was ready I heard a car door in the driveway and soon our front door.

"Babe? I’m home!" He yelled searching me. "Kitchen!" I helped him out. He made his way over to me and wrapped his big strong arms around my waist. I turned around in his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck as well. I crashed my lips to his and I felt myself getting wet. Yes from the smallest kiss or touch of him I’m soaking. It’s unbelievable! His tongue licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I gladly gave in and our tongues fight in dominance wich he won. His hand roughly grabbed my right brest.
I broke the kiss “I’ve been wating for you the whole day!” “Yeah me too, I’ve waited a whole month but work was so disturbing and I’ve always been tired so there was no time. But now I’m here!” And with that his hand slipped in my panties and stroked lightly over my clit. My head flew back and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. “You like that baby? You’re sexually frustrated, aren’t you?” I just nodded and moaned again. “Thats what I thought, my little frustrated and naughty girl. His hand left my core and he lifted me on the nearest counter. He undressed himself and myself in seconds.
When he took of his boxers his huge and throbbing cock slapped on his stomach and stood proudly in the air. I grabbed him by his nick and softly strocked his length while he shoved to of his finger into my soaking pussy. “Oh Yes! Harry, you’re so huge. I want to feel you in my tight pussy!” I whispered as seductively as I could imagine in his ear and sucked on his neck till there was a huge purple mark.  He loved when I talk dirty and his two fingers sliding in and out of me. He just moaned the hole time enjoying my dirty talk.

After what felt like hours of screaming and pumping his length up and down he took a step back. His hands left my core and my hands left his dick. “Beg!” I shook my head no. He gave me a stern look and his voice became louder this time “I said BEG!” “No, Harry. I won’t beg.” I heared a low grunt from his throat and with that he turned around and pushed everything of the table to the floor. He turned again to me, grabbed me by the waist and threw me over his shoulder. He sat down on the kitchen table and laid me down on his lap with my ass in the air. He raised his right hand and slapped my ass with such an force, it was at the same time the hottest but also the painfullest experience of my life. “DON’T RESIST ALL THE TIME! DO WHAT I SAY TO YOU!” I could feel his hard penis at the side of me body standing higher in the air then never before. When he slapped me again I screamed out. That slap was painfull, Jesus Christ! “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN WHAT I SAY TO YOU! GOT IT?”“Y-Yes, Harry…”
"Good girl" He winked at me and turned me around. I climbed on his lap with my back to him. He roughly grabbed my breasts and rolled the nipple between his thumbs and his forefingers making them rock hard. I grinded on him one last time to hear an load groan from his mouth and soon I slid down his thick and full erect cock. We both moaned out and I found myself bouncing up and down his dick. He supported me by his hands on my hips. "Shit (Y/N), keep going this feels fucking amazing!" He moaned in my ear and sucked on my neck leaving a mark as well. I picked up the pace and went even faster if this was possible. His head hit my g-spot with every thrust and everytime I screamed out in pleasure. "Harry, I’m so close." - "Scream my name when you cum! I want to hear you scream, babygirl!" Soon my breath was away and I sat down on his dick and just rolled my hips.
"FUCKING SHIT (Y/N)!!" He screamed my name several times with a lot of profanities. His hot cum shot into me and I could feel my climax as well. He drawed some circles on my clit which send me over the edge. "HARRY!! OH GOD YES!" My head flew back against his shoulder and we laid in this position on the table, his penis still in my pussy. "(Y/N) I want to come home to this every now and then, got it?" "I’m alright with that!" I winked at him and gave him a passionate kiss.

Dinner! — Liam Payne

"LOVE? ARE YOU READY? WE’RE LATE!" Liam shouted from upstairs. Tonight was an very important night for me. I’m about to meet Liams parents tonight and I want them to like me. I was really nervous becquse I don’t want to look slutty in my tight dress and black heels. I gave myself a final look in my full-lenth mirror. My straight hair fell down my shoulders and my make-up wasn’t to much. I grabbed my purse and headed downstairs to a waiting Liam. He sat on the coach and when he heard my heels he turned his head up and gave me a dirty look with a wide smirk. He got up and eyed me up and down. "What do you think? To slutty?" "No baby! It’s perfect. You look gorgeos tonight." He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in for a kiss. I could feel his hard-on through his black tousers. I stepped back when the kiss dippened. "Not now. We don’t want to be late, don’t we?" I winked at him when I made my over to the door. He just stood there speechless. Like a lost puppy. Finally he turned around, closed the door and slapped my ass when I walked to his car. "Liam don’t!" I gave him a smirk again and hopped into the drivers seat. He sat next to me and started the car. "Love, you look stunning. I don’t know if I can let my hands by myself." He winked at me. "Eyes one the road, babe." I couldn’t take my eyes off of him or his giant bulge down there. My thoughts were interrupted by his hand on my bare thigh. I let out a low moan when his hand sneaked into my thong. "Baby, you’re soaking!" I moaned louder when he shoved two of his fingers into me. "Oh yes Li!! Keep going!" Suddenly the car stopped and he pulled his fingers out and licked them clean. "we’re here baby! I’ll continue later…" He winked at me. I sighed and stepped out of the car. When we went to the table of his parents I hugged them and his mother said "You look great (Y/N)!" "Thanks!" I smiled at her. We sat down and ordered. Liam talked with his dad while I talked with his mom. "So (Y/N) tell me about yourself." She smiled with excitement. " Erm… Right now I’m a student and …" I was interrupted by Liams hand. He shoved his finvers again into me. A whimper escaped my lips only to hear for Liam. He chuckeld lightly when he continued to talk with his dad. "(Y/N) are you alright?" His mom asked. "erm yes just some cramps." his fingers curved perfectly up to my g-spot. I wanted to scream but instead I grabbed Liams arm forcefully and shoved it away. He gave me a stern look and tried to continue. "Liam. Don’t!" I whispered in his ear. "You’re just to sexy, baby. Feel what you do to me." With that he grabbed my hand and laid it down on his crotch. I decided to have a little bit fun and started to palm him trough his trousers. Again he gave me a stern look but immediately after I gave his crotch a little bit more pressure he closed his eyes and moaned lightly. My hand slipped in his boxers and I stroked his length gently while his hand worked again on my soaking core. Finally our food arrived. My hand left his hard cock and when I was about to cum his hand left my core as well. Suddenly his fork fell down. "Oh, my fork!" He got under the table and gave my slit one last lick when I cum in his mouth and his face. I grabbed the chair with both of my hands and let out a little whimper. His parents gave me a confused look. I laid me hand on my stomach "This cramps are unbelievable." He was akwardly long under the table so his mom looked under the table "Liam, have you found your fork?" With this his smile appeard "Yes, found it." He gave me a wink. "So cramps? Since when do you have cramps?" I gave him a stern look this time. "Since this morning!" He still licked his fingers clean and murmured something like delicious. Payback is a bitch, you know? When we were ready with eating my hand flew immediately to his crotch again and into his boxers. This time I was rougher and faster. He closed his eyes, threw his head back and faked a yawn. "Looks like you’re tired, baby" I winked at him and quickened the pace of my hand. My thumb slowly circled around his tip, collecting the pre-cum. I went down on his shaft and massaged his balls. With that he literally screamed out "Jesus Christ (Y/N)!!" I could feel his thick cum on my hand and in his boxers. I pulled my hand out and licked it clean when his parents gave him a confused look. "Erm… (Y/N) kicked me under the table..!" I smiled to myself and asked him "Can we go home? I’m not feeling well." His mom answered for him. "Oh sure. Go home and sleep a little. Maybe you feel better tomorrow!" She gave me a big smile. We said goodbye and headed for the exit. On the way he squeezed my ass. "Wait till we get home and you’ll not be able to walk for the next week!"

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Bad Day! — Louis Tomlinson (Part 2, not dirty!!)

I had not really expected a 2nd part to write some but someone asked for it and here it is. Sorry if it’s bad :) ♥ and there’s nothing dirty in it!

Part 1 here

Both of our heads shot up to see an angry and sad Zayn in the door frame…
"Shit…" Louis breathed out. "Zayn…? Wh-What are you d-doing here?" I stuttered. "Actually I wanted to ask Louis for help me to search for you…" I could see the tears in his eyes and I started crying as well. He walked over to the bed and grabbed a fist full of my hair. "Get clothed and come with me!" Zayn demanded me. "What the fuck Zayn get of off her!". "No she’s coming with me!"

I got clothed and kissed Louis’ cheek and said goodbye. He whispered “If he’s doing something to you, then come to me, okay?” I nodded my head when Zayn grabbed my arm and literally pulled me out of his room, his house and into Zayns car.

"What the fuck was this?" Zayn asked me while driving down Louis’ driveway. "What do you mean Zayn?" I gave him a stern look "I mean, you cheated on me as well.
So why can’t I also fuck someone else?” The car stopped suddenly in the middle of the road. Thanks God no one drove behind us. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME (Y/N)?” My eyes widened. “Are you fucking kidding me?? I mean, you did the failure and after this I did the same failure. So calm the fuck down and drive!”

The rest of the drive was akwardly silent. When we arrived at home I immediately stormed out of the car into our house. I plopped down on the big black leather couch. “So we want to sit there and don’t talk anymore?” Zayn asked now a little bit more softly. “No I’m just relaxing a bit from the big headache you gave me. And then I’ll go and pack my things and I’ll go.” With that I got up and made my way over to the stairs to pack my things. “Wait, you wanna go?” This time he looked really hurt. I simply nodded and carry on walking upstairs.

I grabbed my big bag from the top of our wardrobe and threw all of my things in it. Ok I did the same failure as Zayn but there was something about Louis that made me come back to him. I finished packing my things and wanted to go downstairs, out of this house, to my car and to Louis. But I was stopped by Zayn. He stands in the door frame with red and puffy eyes. “Please, don’t go!” “Why shood I stay? Give me on reason why I should stay?” “Because I love you!” I looked down at the ground when h continued. “Tell me you don’t love me and I swaer I’ll leave you alone. I’ll let you go and never bother you!” With that I dropped my bag and ran into his arms.

Car Sex! — Louis Tomlinson

REQUEST(from another page): where louis & y/n go to a party and get into an argument, and get pissed off at each other in the car on the way home so it leads to hot make up sex in the back seat pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight was a fucking great night. I had my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend Louis and we went to the club with the others. It was a great year with him, included fights, tours and of course fucking rumors. Ok you sure think now why the hell they’re going to a club on an anniversary. We just don’t want to be as the other couples, just different. Staying at home, watching 50475884 movies on one evening. Honestly, this is boring. So we decided to go to a club and get drunk and fuck untill we see the sunlight. Now I’m sitting on the bar with Louis next to me downing shots. Both of us were slightly drunk. Harry and Niall were somewhere grinding on girl while Liam was with Danielle and Zayn with Perrie somewhere else. “(Y/N) I have to go to the bathroom. Stay here, okay?” He slurred. I just nodded because my vision was to blurry and I couldn’t see anything.

After a few minutes someone sat next to me. I couldn’t see if it was Louis or someone else. But I was to drunk to care so I just grabbed his face and kissed him roughly. He grabbed me by the waist so I have to get up. With that he led me through the crowd to the dancefloor. He turned me around and I started grinding on him, swaying my hips to the music. I could feel his bulge on my ass and I grabbed his neck, pulling him closer. Suddenly his warm body disappeared behind me. I turned around immediately and only saw Lou beat up a man who looked similar to him. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND?” Louis asks yelling. I ran my hand through my straight hair while Zayn and Liam hold Louis back from killing this guy. “I just sat next to your sexy girlfriend then she grabbed my face and kissed me. So I would ask her this question..” He winked at me and walked smirking into the crowd. “And now to you!” He stormed over to me. “If you wouldn’t were dressed like a fucking whore this all wouldn’t happened!” He yelled in my face. I could see the anger in his blue eyes. I felt the warm tears in my eyes but I just turned around and wanted to run away but instead I bumped into Harry. I mumbled a short sorry and headed to the exit.

I searched his car in the big parking lot and finally found it. Since I had the keys in my little purse I climbed into the passenger seat, threw the key into the drivers seat and sat there crying my eyes out.

I don’t know how long I sat there but suddenly Louis hopped into his seat and slammed the door shot. He just sat there with his hands on his wheel, his knuckels became white. He finally found his keys under his bum and started the car. Great, now we can drive about 40 minutes in silence! I just looked out of the window to see other people, other cars and big houses with christmas decoration. Finally he broke the silence.

"(Y/N) I didn’t mean to say this.." I interrupted him "But you said it!" He sighed "But I didn’t mean to.. It was just the fact that my girlfriend is dancing with another guy." I ooked down on my thighs. "Yeah, I thought it was you. This is why I kissed him and danced with him but it wasn’t you.. I only want to be with you!" "Love, I know. Liam saw, you were drunk and he clearly looked like me." I finally looked at him and asked "Forgive me, love?" He laughed and playfully said "No" with a wink.

Is this fucker kidding me? I smiled to myself when I aid my hand down on his crotch and palmed him trough his jeans. I low moan escaped his lips. “What about now? Do you forgive me now?” - “Love, not now. I’m driving!” He gave me a serious look. “Eyes on the road and let me do things on my own!” I winked at him while my hand unzipped his pants and my hand dissapeared in his tight jeans into his boxers. I could feel him harden under my touch and his throbbing cock asked for some release.

Finally I took out his cock and he hissed when the air hit it. It was standing proudly in the the air and I ran my hands up and down his shaft. “If you don’t want it then why are you so fucking hard?” He just moaned in response. I could see his knuckles went white on the wheel when I pumped my hand up and down his throbbing dick.

I leaned to the side to his ear and whispered as seductively as I can in his ear “You still don’t forgive me, baby?” With that I licked on his earlobe and then down on his neck. He moaned a little no while I stroked his thick shaft. I leaned down and off the pre-cum. He screamed out in pleasure “OH GOD YES (Y/N)!!” I felt the car pulled over to the side of the street and he demanded “Get in the back of the car!” I climbed back and lied down on the comfortable leather seats.

He climbed on top of me and hovered over me. He wasted no time and ripped of both of our clothes. When our clothes were somewhere in the car he sat down on the leather seat and demanded “Come here and turn around!” I lied down with my pussy in his lap and ass in the air. He softly stroked and massaged my ass cheeks. Then I felt a big pain in it. “Thats for driving me insane while I’m driving this fucking car.” *spank* “Thats for kissing and dancing with this fucking guy!” *spank* “And thats for fucking having some short tight dresses on when we’re out, but I love it, baby!” Everytime his hand met my ass cheek I let out a scream of pain and pleasrue. Shit, this must be sore tomorrow!

He laid me down on the leather seat and hovored over me again. he kissed me neck while his hand slided down to my wet pussy. He looked down and chuckled “Oh what a mess. Your wetness is everywhere on the leather seat.” He shoved two fingers into you. “No, Louis. I want your dick, not your fingers!” He smirked and kissed me, pulled his fingers out and instead shoved his huge manhood into me. We had now for 1 year sex nearly every evening, when he’s not on tour and I’m still to tight for him. He pumped into me at a fast pace while moaning my name “(Y/N). Oh shit. You’re still so tight. OH YES. I thought I fucked you in the last year?” I screamed out “probably not good enough!!” “Ecuse me, fucking slut?” he panted.

I felt the car rocking back and forth. “(Y/N) God, I’m almost there!” “Wait for me, Tommo!” I moaned out. His hand found my swolen clit and he rubbed figure-eights on it making me scream out in pleasure. “Looouis, I’m about to cum!!!” While he moaned he released into me. His hot cum inside of me made me cum as well.

He collapsed panting on top of me. I asked him “What about nmow?” Louis gave me a confused look. “What do you mean?” “Forgive me now?” “Yes, love. I couldn’t say no!” He gave me a wink.


a painful post called: aw harry is like nialls little big brother


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