Truth or Dare/Punishment (Niall, Harry and Zayn/very long:D)

Today was Friday. After school you went home to eat something and do nothing. Then your phone light up and Harry called you. “(Y/N)? Do you want to come over later? We want to drink a little bit and watching movies and so on!” You were Harry’s best friend since about a year. You two were meeting in a club. First you thought it would be a one night stand but in this night he never tried to touch you or something like that. It was like love on the first sight for friends. By the time you meet the rest of one direction and you really get along with all of them! “Sure I want to come over! Who will be there?” “Only me, Niall and Zayn.” “Ok I will be over at about 6?” “Great, See you then!” With that you hung up. Ok it was only 4 so you had 2 hours left for doing nothing. You still had wore meak-up, your hair was straight and no one of them care about the clothes. After 2 hours you made your way to your car and then to Harry’s. It was a 15 minutes drive so you turn your radio on and sang along to Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime(this). You arrived at Harry’s huge house and saw there was Niall’s and Zayn’s car. You made your way to his door and before you could rang the bell or knock on the door it swung open and the three fimilar faces appears in front of you. A big smile was now on your face “HEEEEEEY!!” they all yell at the same time. “Erm Hi? Whats wrong with you?” you laugh hard because they were obviously a little bit tipsy. “Oh Nothing, we’ve just drunk a little bit to much!” “YOU STARTED WITHOUT ME??” you yell playfully with your hands on your hips. “Just get in and grab a beer and take a shot with us!” You finally made your way to the living room with them stumbling behind you. “Jesus, what have you done? This room looks like a mess!” On the table and the floor were everywhere empty bottles and popcorn. The room smells like alcohol, smoke and someone thrown up everywhere. It was disgusting. But who cares? This was not your home so it doesn’t matter. Soon, after a few shots, you were a bit tipsy and the boys were drunk like hell. “You told me we’re watching a movie!” “Fuck it! Niall and Zayn are to drunk to do anything.” He slurred. “So what should we do?” “Don’t know. Let’s pla-” Harry was interrupt by a very drunken Niall. “TRUTH OR DARE!!” He stood up with a bottle of vodka in his hands. Zayn took a empty bottle from the floor and you sat down in a circle. He spun the bottle and it landed on Niall. “So Nialler what should we do to you. Truth or dare?” “Jesus Truth of course!” “Ok so… have you ever had sexual fantasies of (Y/N)” He said with a wink. Your eyes got wide. Who does he think he is!? A big smirk acrossed both of Zayn’s and Harry’s faces. The alcohol made him tell the truth. “I’m completely honest with you. Yes I had sexual fantasies about (Y/N).” Your face got red and Harry sat there and chuckled lightly. Niall seemed very confident and comfortable as opposed to you. After there was an akward silence Niall finally spun the bottle. This time it landed on you. They all smirked and looked at each other. You knew exactly what they wanted to do. If you say truth you have to say something private or something perverse and when you choose Dare you have to do something like this! Before you knew it you spoke “Dare!” All of their face light up and they grinned at each other once more. You shifted in your playce like crazy. Finally Niall spoke out “I dare you to give one of us a sexy lap dance!” They smirked once again and your eyes got wide once again. “And who?” “You can choose by yourself, love.” Harry said a little bit more sober. You don’t knew Niall or Zayn for so long time, and it’d be akward and Harry was your best friend so it was more akward! “Erm… Harry…” “Ok, so turn on the music and enjoy your lap dance Haz!” The boys smirked at him. Harry turned on this. You started to sway your hips to the beat as sexy as you can. Soon you were sitting on his lap, grinding on him like crazy. His hands were on your hips and his lips slightly parted. You hear him moan and could feel his extrem large bulge in his tight jeans. After the song ended you stood up and joined Niall and Zayn in the circle again. Harry managed out “Jesus, this was… hot!” Niall and Zayn smirked the hole time you were giving him the lap dance. “(Y/N) you’ve done a great job!” Niall said and shifted in his place uncomfortable. Your eyes got wide once again when you’ve seen the bulge in Niall’s place. It was an akward silent again so you decided to grab a beer from the fridge. “Erm.. I will go to the fridge and take a beer, ok?” “Yeah, go ahead you know were everything is!” Harry said breathless. You walked into his big kitchen. After You’re around the corner you heard your name. “HJarry, please let me fuck her. This was so hot right know. I don’t have this problem in my pants under control!” Zayn said a little bit to loud, so you could hear. Niall added “Yeah she has a beautiful mouth, perfect for my cock. Jesus, I need her!” “Ok, let’s go!” Harry walked into the kitchen with a cheeky smile, followed by the other two boys. You hurried to the fridge as if you hadn’t heard anything. You bent over to grab a beer when someone slapped your ass. You turned around and was pressed to the fridge kissed roughly by Harry. His hands were under you shirt and caressed your breasts. One hand moved into your pants and you let out a gaps at the sudden contact. you suddenly let the beer bottle fall to the ground, so it breaks into thousand pieces. “You little bitch, now the beer is on my expensive floor! I think we should punish her, aren’t we?” His husky voice was so sexy and it made you wet as hell. “Niall, Zayn?” “Yeah?” “Both of you should punish her with no end. Go to my bedroom and fuck her senseless! I’ll come in a few!” You looked from Harry to Zayn and Niall and then back to Harry. His eyes are full of last. Before you knew it he kissed you one more time roughly and then Zayn grabbed you by the arm and dragged you to Harry’s bedroom. They sat both on Harry’s bed, Zayn with his right hand in his pants. “Strip” the commanded you. The sexual tension in this room makes you even hornier and wetter by the second. you slowly slipped out of your pants and kicked them lightly to the side. Your shirt hit the floor next. You let your bra hit the ground and your panties are somewhere in the room now. Zayn was jerking himself off and Niall was sonn naked as well. Zayn stripped down to his boxers and they startet to kiss down your body making you moan loudly.

Harry’s P.O.V.
After I had removed the beer from the kitchen floor, I undressed myself slowly. I sat down on my couch and relieved my throbbing cock from the thin material of my CK boxers. I said there for a few minutes stroking my length when I heard loud moans comming from my bedroom. (Y/N)’s moans were the most beautiful moans in the entire world. “ZAYN I’M GONNA CUM!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs “DON’T YOU DARE!” Zayn and Niall screamed both at the same time. I smirked and stroking my length hard. They punish (Y/N) like I demanded them. After a few more minutes they all moaned like crazy. I throw my head back and cum on my chest and stomach. After the room was silent Zayn and Niall came out of the dark room. “I think you to had done a great job! Where’s (Y/N)? What have you both done to her?” Zayn starts to grin and said “So frist we demanded her to strip and then we teased her by eating her out and fucked her senseless without her cuming! And know we are hungry and go to Nando’s. Do you want to join?” “No, I’m hungry for (Y/N)” I winked at them and made my way to my silent bedroom. Zayn and Niall left so I finally could make her feel good.

(Y/N) P.O.V.
After Zayn and Niall fucked you hard you were lying sore, naked and horny on Harry’s bed. You heard them talking about what they’ve done to you so you decided to touch yourself. You rub your swollen clit lightly and slipped to fingers inside of you. You moan silently. Your head shot up when you heard the bedroom door opening and a naked Harry was standing in the door frame. His hair was a mess but still sexy as always and his erection half way hard. He looked sternly at you “Don’t you dare to fucking touch yourself one more time!This is my fucking job” You loved it when he swears like that. He made his way over to you and crawl on top of you kissed you sweet and passionate. He lightly sucked on your neck and whispered in your ear “I don’t think we need foreplay. I want you to ride me, baby!” He flipped both of you over so you was on tp of him. His hands were on your thighs massaging them. His cock was now rock hard again so you sank down on him. You both moaned lightly. When he completely filled you out you started to roll your hips. After a short time you bounced up and down on his thick cock.”HARRY I’M GONNA CUM!” “ME TOO BABY, CUM FOR ME.” and as you was told you cum hard on his dick and he releases the same time in you. You roll to the other side of his kingsized bed and felt the soreness between your legs. “Kitten, was the punishment of the other boys to hard?” “A little but I’m ok only a bit tired.” “I will treat you like you deserve because I love you (Y/N)” “Your head shot up and you answered “I think I love you too Haz!” you mumbled half asleep. “I see you want to sleep so we can talk in the morning baby! Good night princess” “Good night prince!”

The end sucks-.- It’d be nice if you could message me what you think about it:)

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